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FIELD INTELLIGENCE: Smart Processes, Solutions & Strategies

Honda has a long history of corporate excellence driven by an enduring philosophy of “joy.” It believes in creating joy for its customers when they buy, for its dealers when they sell, and for its associates and suppliers when they create. The automobile maker has always invested in solutions to ensure that it never has to compromise on quality, compliance and security. It believes this helps the company expand its work beyond making cars to bringing life-enriching values to its stakeholders.

Honda began its partnership with Infosys in 2008 when it wanted to reinvent its sales-planning process. The association has fueled several innovative projects that have spanned across functions, such as marketing analysis, procurement and logistics. So, when Honda began to explore digital technologies and smart manufacturing in 2013 with the launch of its second manufacturing unit in India, it partnered with Infosys.

Masahiro Honda, part of the Global Honda team, said, “With the introduction of our second factory, we decided to commit to smart manufacturing using digital technologies. As Honda progresses on its digital transformation journey, Infosys remains a trusted partner.”

Infosys worked with Honda to design and implement systems that helped it deliver joyful experiences. Our solutions around optimizing export processes, parts traceability, and production planning helped bring harmony in the creation process. And our dealer-management system brought the joy of selling to Honda dealers.

Take, for instance, the export function of Honda in India, which supplies various car parts to its units in other international locations. The function requires integration of information and automation of the process flows such that all the parts are packed and shipped on time as per customer requirement. The Honda export management system was built to provide a multi-model, multi-order, multi-destination solution, helping the company to enhance