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You’ve been warned.

Pandemic or no pandemic, drug and alcohol use during the holiday season in Sin City continues uninterrupted and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers have released videos promising to catch impaired drivers who think they can escape detection. 

Las Vegas locals, as well as visitors who fly to the vacation mecca and rent cars, should beware of  “ghosted out” Ford Explorers. 

The unusual term is increasingly common among law enforcement officers referring to subdued police markings on vehicles that blend with the paint job, in this case on the popular Police Interceptor Utility vehicle, a modified Ford Explorer.

This Nevada Highway Patrol vehicle, known as a Police Interceptor Utility built by Ford Motor Company, has "subdued" graphics that blend police markings and use less bright colors. The photo was taken in 2018.

“We will see you before you see us. Especially this ghosted out NHP Explorer. It’s 7:45pm and multiple motorists have already been arrested on suspicion of DUI and we are just getting started,” tweeted @NHPSouthernComm with hashtags #drivesober and #soberorslammer on Saturday.

The goal is to deter illegal and potentially deadly activity.

“DUI blitzes are periodically scheduled. This is a high priority for us, trying to remove impaired drivers before they kill anyone,” said Nevada Highway Trooper Travis Smaka.

“We’re a major destination city where people come to have a good time — from California, Texas, Michigan. Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But if you’re arrested for a DUI, it will follow you home.”


A DUI crackdown over the weekend was led by the Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, two agencies that have formed an innovative DUI strike team that