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When Ford announced that it would be restoring the iconic Michigan Central Station in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, it also laid out a series of 43 commitments, including helping to provide affordable housing and workforce development for that slice of town. Now, some time later, the Ford Corktown project has already fulfilled or made progress on 36 of those commitments, the automaker has announced.

The so-far fulfilled Ford Corktown commitments include a $2.5 million dollar contribution to the city affordable housing fund, a $2 million investment in workforce development initiatives, a $1 million contribution to neighborhood development, and $500,000 spent on youth development and education. Additionally, applications will soon open for a home-repair program totaling $750,000.

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Ford is in the process of developing 1.2 million square feet in Corktown, with Michigan Central Station serving as the crown jewel of the project. The station, along with surrounding buildings, will eventually house 2,500 Ford employees and an additional 2,500 collaborators from other organizations. Michigan Station is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.