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In the latest management shakeup under new CEO Jim Farley, Ford announced the hiring of a global chief marketing officer from eBay and the retirement of the automaker’s director of quality and new model launch program.

In addition, the man hired to be the new chief software and information officer left his new role at Ford after lasting less than one workweek.

Farley, who assumed the top job at the 117-year-old carmaker on Oct. 1, has been very outspoken about the need to move aggressively and quickly to get things in order after a rough 2019 and challenging 2020.

He replaced the company’s relatively new chief financial officer on Day 1 while telling industry analysts that he’s assembling a top team to take the iconic company into a future filled with technology that includes electrification.

Suzy Deering

Suzy Deering, 51, will begin her role as global chief marketing officer on Jan. 4 after more than five years as worldwide and North America CMO at eBay, Ford said Tuesday.

Ford Motor Co. announces Suzy Deering as the new global chief marketing officer.

She will succeed Joy Falotico, who will dedicate herself solely to being president of the Lincoln luxury brand. Falotico has managed both global marketing and Lincoln for the past three years.

Joy Falotico

“It makes sense to split the jobs,” said Michelle Krebs, executive analyst at “That was an awful lot for one person.”

Farley has said he is emphasizing the need to add technology skill to the team, and Deering has experience using technology, data and analytics to anticipate customer needs and tailor strategy to respond.