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2024 BMW M5 Will Be As Powerful As Bugatti Veyron – CarBuzz

The report goes on to claim power will come from Gen V pouch-type batteries instead of Tesla-style round cells and will be built on the automaker’s CLAR-WE electric architecture. The most powerful battery here will be rated at around 135-kWh can be connected to a 400-volt charger. It also appears 800-volt charging will be possible as well. But here’s where things get really exciting: the G60 M5 will supposedly come powered by three 250 kW electric motors; one at the rear axle and two up front. This will come to 750 kW of power, or roughly 1,006 horsepower.

That’s right. A 1,000 hp+ M5!

It’s also important to bear in mind, however, that Tesla’s also upcoming tri-motor Plaid configuration will surpass this output. Still, this will be, by far, the most powerful BMW M5 – or any M car – to date.