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Fifty Five years of “Freude am Fahren”: The quintessential BMW slogan – BMWBLOG

The widely known and highly popular “Freude am Fahren” slogan of BMW celebrates the 55th anniversary in 2020, but its roots can be traced even further back in the history of the brand.

Say it “Freude am Fahren” in German or “Sheer Driving Pleasure” in English or even “Placerea de a conduce” in Romanian, you Bimmer fans all love and cherish this resounding and powerful slogan that perfectly highlights the essence of BMW. The Bavarian carmaker is instantly associated with the pure joy and pleasure of driving. In a way, BMW is the most Italian of the German automotive brands, igniting an intense passion in the souls of fans and drivers across the world.

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1920 – 1930: Early preparations for a competent media and advertising strategy

Throughout its 104-year history, BMW underwent some major transformations and crisis periods. After each of the challenges, the brand emerged more powerful than ever, being able to reinvent itself amid the adverse downturns. After World War I, the 1916-born Bavarian company stopped producing aircraft engines and instead began assembling different component and aggregates such as brake systems for railroad cars and entire engine units for commercial vehicles.

BMW also started the production of motorbikes beginning with 1923, with the flat-twin boxer R32 model being the first motorcycle to wear the blue-white roundel. From 1929, BMW had consolidated its status as a global automobile manufacturer, with the Dixi 3/15 PS DA-1 being the first BMW car to be produced.

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