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Over 1 million second-hand care were registered or re-registered in Romania last year, an absolute record.

Although most used cars have various problems, such as changed mileage and unreported damage, most buyers don’t verify the cars they buy, according to vehicle history provider AutoDNA, reports local Only about 100,000 second-hand cars registered in Romania in 2017 were checked for possible technical problems, according to the same source.

Volksvagen, the most popular second-hand brand in Romania, also had the most cars checked on the AutoDNA platform last year. The ranking is dominated by German brands, with BMW, Audi, and Opel coming next.

More than half of the cars checked on the platform have problems. BMW is the second-hand brand for which the checks have revealed most problems, with three-quarters of the verified cars having unreported damages or altered mileage.

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